Is Your Child’s Nervous System Stuck in FIGHT or FLIGHT?

By Chestermere Family Chiropractic Clinic July 4, 2024

This July and August kids' initial consults are 50% off. Now that life is slowing down, why not focus on your family's health and prepare for the next school year?!

Chiropractic care works with the nervous system to unwind the stressful patterns in the body which are potentially preventing your kids from thriving. At CFC, we make sure the nervous system is balanced and working optimally. We test and measure if you or your family are stuck in fight and flight or survival mode. Then, with specific and accurate adjustments we activate the rest and relax side of your nervous system so it can slow down, be calm and heal!

Struggling with sleep?

When our kids' nervous systems go through stress early and often they can get stuck in fight or flight. This prevents them winding down and entering the rest and recovery side of the nervous system meaning poor sleep and emotional children!

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Our neurologically focused chiropractic care sets us apart and allows us to get to the root cause of what is holding you back

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