Teens - #GetReal About How You Feel

Daily Workshops for Teens During Canadian Mental Health Week

By Trellis Strathmore/Chestermere Family Resource Network Hub April 29, 2021

Youth & Teens! #Getreal about how you feel and join Amrit & Ken from Trellis Strathmore/Chestermere Family Resource Network Hub for some great programs during Canadian Mental Health Week! 

2021 marks the 70th anniversary of Canadian Mental Health Week. This CMHA Mental Health Week, Trellis Strathmore/Chestermere Family Resource Network Hub, focuses on how naming, expressing and dealing with our emotions - the ones we like and don't like - is important for our mental health. Beginning on May 3rd, the Trellis Commons team will be hosting daily workshops to help teens #GetReal about how they feel. 

All workshops run from 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm, online. To register please contact Amrit at, 403-619-5139 or Ken at, 403-390-2140. 

Monday, May 3
Check-In On Your Mental Health

Tuesday, May 4
Understanding Your Emotions, Understanding Yourself

Wednesday, May 5
Name It to Tame It

Thursday, May 6
7 Steps to Calm Your Inner World with Words and Meditation

Friday, May 7
Why Saying "I Feel Bad" Can Actually Make You Feel Better

The Strathmore/Chestermere Trellis Commons Hub is located in Strathmore and provides a wide spectrum of prevention to intensive services for families with children aged 0-18, at no cost.