MOM BOSS: Meet Shée Lillejord, Registered Dietitian

March 11, 2021

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Meet Shée Lillejord, Registered Dietitian

Phone: 403-463-7355   Email:  Website: Visit Website

I am a virtual (online) Registered Dietitian. I provide nutrition counselling, education and nutrition recommendations to all ages. My goal is to empower people to make healthy choices through small realistic changes. I simplify nutrition information and teach them how to enjoy food again. 

What inspired or encouraged you to start this business?

I constantly was seeing the frustrations of clients going from one diet to another. They would see a tiny glimmer of hope when they see the scale go down…then weeks or even maybe months later they would see the scale go up and up and UP! Yoyo dieting! How awful is this?! This is the true reason why I decided to start my own business.

I wanted to teach people how to eat and truly enjoy food again! NO MORE diets, excessive exercising, or restrictions! No more guilt when eating! I can help them eat in a balanced and mindful way. Isn’t it time that you live to eat, not eat to live?

What was the most difficult part of starting your business? 

Getting yourself known within the community to build a clientele. I am so grateful the community is becoming more familiar with me and my business.

What do you love most about your business?

I love to help people make healthy lifestyle changes. It has also has allowed even greater flexibility when accommodating clients’ schedules. With owning my own business, I get to see a diverse range of clients. I’m not tied to one type of client and I like to have variety. The variety of clients helps to keep me passionate about being a Registered Dietitian! 

How do you balance work and family life? 

The flexibility of owning my own business has allowed me to stay at home with my 3 kids and continue to do what I love. It has also allowed even greater flexibility when accommodating clients’ schedules. 

What do you do to take care of YOU? 

My mental health is very important to me. Here are some things I do to ensure it is in check: riding my Peleton bike; monthly massages; weekly walks with friends and carving out time for reading. 

Favourite thing to do with your kids or family in the local area?

Spent as much time outside as possible!

Do you have any advice to give other super moms? 

Always make time for yourself! You are worth it and never feel guilty about doing it.