MOM BOSS: Meet Jamie Johnson, IM Master Academy

February 25, 2021

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Meet Jamie Johnson, IM Master Academy

Phone: 780-380-0102  Email:   Website: Visit Website

I wanted to connect with you about a new project that I started working on.  Do you know anything about foreign exchange?  Have you heard of forex or cryto??

I’ve partnered with an online education company that is teaching people how to trade FRX, Cryto as well as setup E-commerce stores.  Learn while you learn following Live Educators who are 6 figure Professional trades sharing chart analysis and trade ideas.  This may or may not be a fit for you.  If you are open-minded to having a further discussion please reach out.

Team Freedom Revolution’s mission is to provide practical training, mindset, and money strategies to empower home-based business owners to reach their big goals and find success in forming multiple streams of income

If I sent you more information, would you be willing to take a look and we can chat afterwards? I can also send you an invite to our VIP Facebook group @Free From The Rat Race where you will see a community of people who are crushing it with trading, teaching debt reduction, supporting and encouraging each other!

What inspired or encouraged you to start this business?

Out of all the money that has flowed in and out of your bank account in the last 10 years…how much money have you made on that money?  Likely your family is living paycheque to paycheque with little left for savings.

If I could show you a way to multiply your existing money, would you take a look at something?  Honestly, most Canadians are only familiar with compound interest working against one as credit cards, mortgages, student loans and the list goes on. What about getting your self on the right side of money and building bank accounts with compound interest!

Rather than continually trading your time at jobs to earn more money to provide for your family.  Go get your money to put its coveralls on and go to work for you!  So if you want to change feelings of exhaustion, over workload, financial stresses and missing precious family time, then this message is for you.  I believe this is one of those “do not want to miss” opportunities that we can make some big dream come true.

What was the most difficult part of starting your business? 

Rejection from my friends and family who thought I was crazy, faced with the HARD things to build a successful Network Marketing career.  But I never lose sight that my successes will give me location freedoms, financial freedom, and the ability to stop working a traditional JOB.  I quickly realized for me to reach my goals in business and in Network Marketing, personal development would be the key…  so I went to work, follow mentors/coaches, took courses, read books and heavily invested in becoming better!

How do you balance work and family life?

I aim to time block business activities and attend two online events per week and schedule weekend family fun activities.  As the market is closed over the weekend it's a great opportunity to unplug from screen time and enjoy R & R with children and family quality time.  Everything from enjoying the adventures outside, snuggles watching TV, cooking together or bonding while doing homework.  Time blocking is key to any balanced lifestyle.

What do you do to take care of YOU? 

When women are educated and independent, they can enrich the lives of so many. The beauty is…the path to creating an empire can be learned!

Plugging into a community of people who encourage and support me.  Taking time to celebrate all the wins in life (Hey, I cleaned the house, Win! Hey, I made more today trading than my wage, another win).  Mindset is everything, positivity, faith and belief will stump out any fear, doubt and worry.

What is your favourite thing to do with your kids or family in the local area?

Our family just loves the Chestermere community and enjoy trips to local the bike park, family trips down to the beach, skating down lakeside and refreshing summer boat rides.  The community has so many local small businesses, we enjoy getting to know our neighbours and supporting local.

What do you love most about your business? 

This group is designed to help individuals get purpose-driven results in money and business...thereby making their own financial freedoms. Building relationships, being authentic, using your own voice and asking for what ones’ dream, hopes and goals are in a thoughtful, sincere way makes a huge difference.

Do you have any advice to give other super moms?

Think positive, smile, be kind and help others and the world will give back tenfold! Never quit!

Do you have any special offers for our Macaroni Kid subscribers who are reading this right now?

Would you like me to help you get your product free?  l can also send you a link to join our VIP Facebook group where you will see hundreds of people who are crushing it with the info you are about to see! I know you will love it.