Winter Fun: Printable Winter Bucket List

February 1, 2021

What's more fun than brainstorming all the fun things you could possibly do this winter and making a Winter Bucket List?  Winter may last awhile in Chestermere and Langdon but with all the snow we get, we have an endless supply of ideas to enjoy it outside and great activities indoors on those days that the windchill gets too bad. Even if you don't get them all checked off by the end of winter, you'll still have a plan and avoid missing your "must-do" items!   


Here are some local ideas for things to do in Chestermere and Langdon this winter. Scroll down and click highlighted text for more info on each item on the list. There is a free printable option to stick on your fridge too!

  1. Go ice skating in Chestermere or Langdon
  2. Build a Snowman
  3. Build a Snow Fort or Quinzee
  4. Have a Family Movie Night
  5. Go Sledding
  6. Make a bird feeder
  7. Have a snowball fight
  8. Let a bird eat out of your hand
  9. Paint & hide rocks around the city
  10. Find local outdoor art displays
  11. Watch New Year's Eve Fireworks online
  12. Bake Cookies
  13. Mail a letter to a friend
  14. Go on a winter nature walk
  15. Sip Hot Chocolate
  16. Plan a Staycation: put up an indoor tent, pack a picnic
  17. Go through a drive-thru and pay for the vehicle behind you
  18. Go sledding
  19. Make maple syrup snow candy
  20. Go Ice Fishing 
  21. Make s'mores over a bonfire
  22. Play Flashlight Tag one evening in the snow
  23. Make a donation to a local charity
  24. make a winter craft for your window
  25. Jump in the snow and make a snow angel
  26. Paint the snow  with food colouring, water and spray bottles
  27.  Drive out of the city to gaze at the stars
  28. Have a winter family photoshoot
  29. Make birdseed ornaments
  30. Pull out the face paints and paint a family member's face
  31. 'Elf' one of your neighbours with a holiday treat bag
  32. Send Holiday Thank You Notes
  33. Have a family game night
  34. Try snowshoeing or cross country skiing
  35. Make a memory box of 2020
  36. Perform a Random Act of Kindness
  37. Finish a Large Jigsaw Puzzle
  38. Make Soup and Bread from scratch
  39. Write to a pen pal or exchange 'flat stanleys' of each other 
  40. Go on a scenic drive to see the holiday lights around the Chestermere and Langdon.

Many thanks to Carmen Kaethler, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Winnipeg, for creating these printables.