You've Been Elf'd Printable

December 3, 2020

Macaroni Kid Chestermerel and some amazing community sponsors started Elfing by delivering100 Elf Bags throughout Chestermere. 

When you receive an Elf Bag, it is your responsibility to Elf TWO (2) more families this December. The idea is to keep the fun going the entire month of December. 

CLICK for the "We've Been Elf'd" printable 

 How to Elf 

You don't need to receive an Elf Bag to start Elfing your neighbours!

  • If/When you receive an Elf Bag:
    • Enjoy your treats
    • Place the “We’ve Been Elf’d” sign on your front door or window.
    • Make two copies of the "We've Been Elf'd" printable and two treat bags
    • Deliver to two neighbours who haven’t been Elf’d yet.
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 Thank you to our AMAZING sponsors

Please be sure to visit our sponsors' websites and follow them on social media. Without their help, this project would not be possible! Click the images to go to their website to find out more information on the services they provide.